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her   //   who

making things pretty in the now from the then.

she is a mood.

see her   //   where

tell me im pretty can be found at exhibitions and in the homes of private collectors

tell me im pretty
tell me im pretty


​​her story   //   what



welcome to the world of tell me im pretty, a collection of fine art photography that combines the then with the now

from the minds of an interior designer lyzz hope and photographer shelby dubin,

we invite you to take a peek into the life of her, our main character, as she journeys through different moments filled with playfulness and intrigue.


her identity remains unknown allowing you to shape her story into your own creation.

she finds a way of taking ordinary moments and making them extraordinary.

we hope she inspires you to look closer at the beauty in the little things that provoke you to say

tell me im pretty

lyzz hope
shelby dubin
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